so that

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so that Conjunction olsun diye, şöyleki
so that
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1 - The person in this role will lead on ensuring that we maximize the impact of our PE funding so that our pupils are active, healthy and ready to excel in PE as they move into the Secondary phase.

2 - The doctors are accused of bribing officials in the US Caribbean territory to change exam results so that they would be allowed to practise.

3 - Few people realize that Antarctica has very little precipitation, so that in the current context of global warming the ice tends to reveal the rubbish that previously was slowly being buried under snow.

4 - The English Language Center aims to give students a command of simple spoken English so that they can communicate at a basic level in day-to-day situations.

5 - Early detection of hearing loss is complicated by the fact that the other senses are able to compensate for moderate amounts of loss, so that people frequently do not know that their hearing is imperfect.

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