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frantic Adjective çılgın
frantically Adverb çılgınca wildly, madly  
frantic, frantically
Örnek Cümleler (Veri tabanına kayıtlı toplam 5 örnek cümle bulundu.)

1 - Dogs are being driven frantic by the stress of being left alone by owners with increasingly busy lives.

2 - Share prices have soared to a new all-time high in a day of frantic trading on the stock market.

3 - When a tumor first develops from a cell whose genes have mutated in ways which cause that cell to reproduce frantically, its growth is limited to about a millimeter across.

4 - As our concerns about global warming escalate, researchers all over the world are frantically searching for a 'greener' and cheaper bio-fuel, that will help reduce if not eliminate our dependence on oil - or liquid gold, as it is often called.

5 - Despite the frantic economic growth, South Korean society is still very conservative and conformist due to the influence of Confucian values.

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