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experience Verb-Noun tecrübe etmek ; deneyim
experienced Adjective tecrübeli, deneyimli  
inexperience Noun tecrübesizlik deneyimsizlik  
inexperienced Adjective tecrübesiz  
experience, experienced, inexperience, inexperienced
Örnek Cümleler (Veri tabanına kayıtlı toplam 318 örnek cümle bulundu.)

1 - Since teenagers have not had much experience in testing dreams against reality, many of their hopes and dreams may seem crazy to their parents, who are busy with the realities and practical requirements of daily life.

2 - Humanitarian aid represents a commitment to support vulnerable host populations that have experienced a sudden emergency, requiring ongoing assistance to maintain or improve their quality of life.

3 - It was a personal insight into the art of acting; she said that acting is not only a performance, but an experience.

4 - In general, there seems to be a growing reluctance to take students out of their schools to experience the wider world and its educational potential.

5 - Whether you're a new or experienced runner, a busy schedule can get in the way of your carefully-planned running routine.

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