Kelime Tür Anlam Eş Anlam Zıt Anlam Sık Kullanılan
example Noun örnek, misal, ibret, ders
for example Conjunction örneğin  
example, for example
Örnek Cümleler (Veri tabanına kayıtlı toplam 46 örnek cümle bulundu.)

1 - An example of visual aids are bar graphs and pie charts that are used to illustrate percentages of products sold and the change in sales over time.

2 - When you negotiate a divorce settlement and you get more than you really should have, this is an example of a favorable outcome.

3 - In operant conditioning, an animal is given some type of reward or punishment whenever it behaves in a certain way for example, whenever it pushes a lever, presses a bar, or moves from one place to another.

4 - Acupuncture is an example of a therapy once considered bizarre which has some scientific basis.

5 - A significant outcome of air pollution is the high cost of pollution cleanup and prevention, an example of which is the global effort to control emissions of CO2, a gas produced from the combustion of fossil fuels such as coal or oil, or of other organic materials like wood.

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