at the expense of

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at the expense of Adverb pahasına at the sacrifice of; to the detriment of
at the expense of
Örnek Cümleler (Veri tabanına kayıtlı toplam 9 örnek cümle bulundu.)

1 - Most people believe that it is cheaper to execute dangerous criminals than to keep them in jail for years at the expense of taxpayers.

2 - According to the scientists and law makers, NASA's new quest to explore the Moon and Mars appears to be coming at the expense of studying a world closer at hand.

3 - Modern architecture has been criticized for emphasizing practical and technical issues at the expense of aesthetic concerns.

4 - He invariably gets what he wants but unfortunately this is usually at the expense of others.

5 - If the results of the last research had been satisfactory, there could not have been any need for it to be repeated at the expense of a great deal of money.

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